The CabSlam Reopening: Back Where it All Began

You know what they say: everything comes full circle. That was very apparent for The W8H gang as we had the privilege of attending the private reopening event of the California Breakfast Slam. For those of you who have forgotten, we launched the blog one year ago, and as fate has it, the CabSlam was… Continue reading The CabSlam Reopening: Back Where it All Began

LATA, Berlin has it

LATA. "Ter Lata". It is a Portuguese expression that means something like having no shame, someone with attitude. Like, Berlin "has it". But in a literal translation, "lata" simply means "can". LATA, is a brand new Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Berlin. Authentic Portuguese food in a super modern space, with a very nice atmosphere,… Continue reading LATA, Berlin has it

Five Elephant – Cheese Cake

I am sure all dessert lovers have asked themselves where to get the best cheesecake in Berlin. Well, my sweet-tooth friends, I have the answer. In the midst of a fine May day, I decided to go to the Markthalle 9 for the first time. Located in Kreuzberg, this eating event takes place in an… Continue reading Five Elephant – Cheese Cake

Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.

Let's face it: we have a thing for Italians. Welcome our amazing friend Claudia Bonazzi and her story about Veneßia, a pop up aperitivo which will hopefully become a regular tradition. Try to ask Italians what they miss most about their country and besides the sun, the sea and the espresso, they will probably mention the “aperitivo”.… Continue reading Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.

No Fire No Glory

No Fire No Glory is certainly one of those places where the Berlin coffee obsession wave reaches its peak. As a regular person, my choices normally spread between espresso, cappuccino, occasional latte macchiato and – in most cases – regular Filterkaffee or Tageskaffe. Or at least it was so till trying to order a filter… Continue reading No Fire No Glory


In short, what would you say about Volta? "Mmmmmm…" ­ Dorothee "Oh. My. God" – Daria "Mmmmm …" – Hugo "ohhhh … " ­ Rita Well, that may be too short, but sums it up precisely. The Volta Burger – served with a small mountain of french fries, some slices of pickles and an onion ring on top – is what you've been dreaming about your whole pitiful Berlin­burger­seeking existence. Even  Joe – W8H's resident American – gives the burger two greasy thumbs up! The bread is soft, but not sticky and does not have any strong taste which often kills the joy of meaty bliss, which is the very essence of any burger. The meat is so juicy, that if you eat the burger with your hands, (just as you should!) the juice will be running down to your elbows. The sauces are not too salty or rich in taste but accent the taste perfectly instead of drowning it out. Then comes the dessert – the famous Cookie. The perfect mix of hot and cold, soft and crispy, sweet and sour. A large fresh out of the oven cookie comes topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sprinkles of  muesli crumble, maple syrup and a sour jam of seasonal berries. The first bite will take your breath away and you'll still be gasping for oxygen several chomps later. Like all the joys in life, Volta can be described in millions of words. But just like most of those joys, Volta is much more fun to experience, instead of just talking about it. So, we suggest that you get your mitts on a Volta Burger pronto and create your own mouth watering, jaw dropping memories. Volta Brunnenstrasse 73, 13355 Berlin, Germany 0178 396 54 90 (reservation via sms only!) Booking recommended. Book it with Tebla here.

‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo

My Italian identity has been pushed to its limit many times during the last 3 years while living abroad and exploded many times after seeing some cut spaghetti or having cappuccino right after lunch. Chapter 1: If you don't like espresso, you don't like coffee. The quintessential Italian breakfast is a strong espresso and a… Continue reading ‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo