Da Baffi (Italians still do it better)

Tucked away in an unsuspecting location in Wedding near Leopoldplatz is a quant little authentic Italian restaurant that Berliners seeking a true Mediterranean taste have been clamoring for. Da Baffi delivers that cosy, rustic atmosphere that reminds you of those visits to grandma's house for a Sunday dinner filled with love, laughter and above all… Continue reading Da Baffi (Italians still do it better)

Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.

Let's face it: we have a thing for Italians. Welcome our amazing friend Claudia Bonazzi and her story about Veneßia, a pop up aperitivo which will hopefully become a regular tradition. Try to ask Italians what they miss most about their country and besides the sun, the sea and the espresso, they will probably mention the “aperitivo”.… Continue reading Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.

‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo

My Italian identity has been pushed to its limit many times during the last 3 years while living abroad and exploded many times after seeing some cut spaghetti or having cappuccino right after lunch. Chapter 1: If you don't like espresso, you don't like coffee. The quintessential Italian breakfast is a strong espresso and a… Continue reading ‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo