The CabSlam Reopening: Back Where it All Began

You know what they say: everything comes full circle. That was very apparent for The W8H gang as we had the privilege of attending the private reopening event of the California Breakfast Slam. For those of you who have forgotten, we launched the blog one year ago, and as fate has it, the CabSlam was the topic of our very first post. But enough of the sappy sentimental stuff and more about the event.

The new location of the CabSlam is located on Innstraße write along the river deep in the heart of Neukölln. The interior of the new place is very fitting for its hipster haven surroundings. An apparent quaint charm is readily felt with the exposed ceiling and old-style decor.

We were greeted by the friendly staff with a glass of white wine to hold us over before the samples of their new evening menu came around one by one. The parade of drinks and food began with a strawberry basil daquiri that seemed to have just the right balance of spice and sweet.

The first eatable of the evening was a gorgonzola mousse with walnuts. Admittedly, the taste was a bit strong for palettes more accustomed to a milder taste, but overall was very well done.

The gorgonzola was soon countered with the much fairer taste of traditional mac n’ cheese which was deep fried and served with a spicy tomato sauce, making for an ideal appetizer.

The line of food continued with burgers and fries, which you know is a staple for us W8Hers. The burgers were very well prepared with just the right amount of juiciness and complimented well by the sauces. Oh, and the fries were handcut, which will always score points with us!


In between courses we were served some standard cocktails with a twist, which the jovial bartender was very happy to explain. The first was a Mexicaner without any Tabasco sauce or tomato juice. Instead it was made with chili-infused vodka. For having such a kick, it went down really smooth.

The second was the Berlin standard Moscow Mule made with ginger syrup and a cucumber-infused vodka. The cucumber taste was very strong, giving it a bit of a pickle taste. All in all, not bad, but it’s usual best not to f*** with a classic.

The dishes were rounded out with meatballs, polenta with chorizo and nachos. The meatballs could have been a bit more tender, but still were very tasty with a nice spicy flavor.

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