LATA, Berlin has it


LATA. “Ter Lata”. It is a Portuguese expression that means something like having no shame, someone with attitude. Like, Berlin “has it”. But in a literal translation, “lata” simply means “can”.

LATA, is a brand new Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Berlin.
Authentic Portuguese food in a super modern space, with a very nice atmosphere, where the staff is actually Portuguese.
The decoration is very original and “out of the box”, with the walls made of rough pieces of wood, or filled with the typical fish cans (latas). My Portuguese identity felt like home there!

Talking about what matters: Food!
You can feel the real Portuguese flavors. Those really simple ones that bring me back home, like the taste of a really salty homemade fries, or the flavor of the grilled meat only seasoned with sea salt and nothing else. No fancy sauces to distract us from the taste of a really good piece of meat. The chouriço… All kinds of it. The flavors of fresh coriander, fresh fish, octopus and bacalhau…You also have to try “farinheira” – it is a must.

There you can find a bit of everything. If you want to try more, you should order in small portions – “tapas” –or to use the actual Portuguese name for it – “petiscos”. Yes, because “tapas” is a Spanish word with the same meaning!
Or you can order just a main dish of fish or meat. All this along with a wide range of fine Portuguese wines from all regions.
The hard task here is to make a choice. So you will have to go there more than once, for sure!

Finally you cannot leave without trying the desserts, and of course a real and good espresso – a “bica”.

If you really would like to get into the Portuguese mood, and taste the “saudade” feeling, than book a table on Saturday night and experience live music performance with “Fado”. This traditional and lovely music, speaks about the Portuguese nostalgic soul.

A place I can totally recommend!


Lata Berlin Has it.
Schonhauser Allee, 10-11,
10119 Berlin

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