‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo

5 thoughts on “‘Mozzarella is not a cheese. It’s MOZZARELLA.’ – Daria Di Leonardo”

  1. Unfortunately I will have to burst the pasta bubble. What people don’t realise is that is that pasta, by itself is nothing more than starch! What makes it so popular it’s the fact that is so cheap to make and the food industry gains 100% more it spends. And really for all the purist italian food aficionados – you do not know what good food is until you eat FRENCH, GERMAN (!), BRITISH and SPANISH food. Try it once, you’ll never raise Italian food to the standard of a cuisine. And yes, I ate in amazing Italian restaurants and also food cooked by those little Italian grandma’s but still at the end of the meal it was just a plate full of starch! Pasta is not the highlight of the dish, if you do think so, my friend, I am afraid that you are lost to the haute cuisine world… just sayin’

    1. Thanks for your comment, Billy! Tastes differ and we can argue with you about awesomeness of at least German (this little blog is made in Berlin, and yes, we have tried some great German food, but in this city it takes some effort to find it) and Spanish (I personally lived in Spain for some time, I admire the food culture, but will not call Spanish cuisine the best in the world).
      Our friend Daria, who wrote the post, was born and raised in Italy and we kindly asked her to share the local insight with us, including the principle which says that pasta is a main dish – not a side dish – and it was never called a ‘highlight’ either.
      All in all – it is not about haute cuisine. We appreciate good food, and we sure know there is a lot for us to learn about it. But first of all we like the joy of sharing nice meals with friends, all the fun and stories that come with it.. Sometimes, they make even the plain bowl of starch taste outstanding 🙂

      Thank you for reading us!

  2. I need someone to address the notion that Mozzarella is not cheese. It’s made from milk curds so how is it not cheese. Everywhere on the Internet and it says it cheese so why do people think it is ‘milk’.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Too bad you’ve missed to read the post apart from the header. but thanks for following us none the less!

  3. This article is a lot of pompousness for almost no substance. A ton of “You have to do X” but no reason why except “because I said so.”

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