Tommi’s Burger Joint

Entering the crowded field of Berlin burger establishments is the much anticipated (after taking so long to open) Tommi's Burger Joint. Upon entering the self-service restaurant one immediately notices the eclectic aged look and feel of the place that would only be fitting in Berlin. While not likely to crack many top Berlin burger lists,… Continue reading Tommi’s Burger Joint

LATA, Berlin has it

LATA. "Ter Lata". It is a Portuguese expression that means something like having no shame, someone with attitude. Like, Berlin "has it". But in a literal translation, "lata" simply means "can". LATA, is a brand new Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Berlin. Authentic Portuguese food in a super modern space, with a very nice atmosphere,… Continue reading LATA, Berlin has it

Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.

Let's face it: we have a thing for Italians. Welcome our amazing friend Claudia Bonazzi and her story about Veneßia, a pop up aperitivo which will hopefully become a regular tradition. Try to ask Italians what they miss most about their country and besides the sun, the sea and the espresso, they will probably mention the “aperitivo”.… Continue reading Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.