Dörrwerk: Fruit Paper

Founded at the end of 2014 in Berlin, Dörrwerk pursues a very important mission: saving the not-so-good-looking fruit from ending their days in a trash can. We asked the Dörrwerk founder, Dr. Zubin Farahani, a few question about changing her career from medicine to fruit paper production, operational difficulties and daily food choices. How did… Continue reading Dörrwerk: Fruit Paper

Piri’s Chicken Burgers

We've all been there. A late night/early morning in Berlin when we're looking for something – anything – of sustenance to balance our stomachs before throwing in the towel and calling it. A number of times that bit of sustenance happens to be the dreaded chicken burger – a food item that is widely available… Continue reading Piri’s Chicken Burgers

Cartoon Cooking

We aren't the only ones out there combining the worlds of food and illustration. W8H recently caught up with Alya Markova, the creative mind behind Cartoon Cooking. W8H:What's your inspiration? Alya: Anything may turn into inspiration:) Sometimes it is an image of an awesome gigantic sandwich. Sometimes it is a funny experience, an experiment in… Continue reading Cartoon Cooking

MealUp – Never Eat Alone

At W8H, we’re always looking to provide you with the best and most exciting content in regards to restaurants and food culture. Therefore, we’ve recently expanded our coverage to include the occasional interview with the industry’s top movers and shakers and thought leaders. Recently, we sat down with Tom Jakubowicz, co-founder of mealUp, one of… Continue reading MealUp – Never Eat Alone