BAUTiful Concepts

BAUT is a successful concept that changes location almost every year. This year,  Chef Michiel van den Eerde has found a new home for Baut, in an old chapel at Spaarndammerstraat 460, Amsterdam West. The previous location was Baut Paradijs, an old gas distribution station in Oostpoort,  Amsterdam East and was actually our favorite place to hang… Continue reading BAUTiful Concepts

Every Bite Starts with a Story

In the muddled mess of Amsterdam food events and festivals, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and find something of value. Those who attended Every Bite Has a Story certainly didn't have a difficulty finding substance. The event was put on by social grocery What About Leo. As a social grocery, What About Leo connects… Continue reading Every Bite Starts with a Story

Odete’s Delicious

Odete's Delicious is a small business owned by a Portuguese woman who's been living in the Netherlands for 14 years. Odete, is a very nice lady, always dressed with a smile and always up for talking about and explaining all the delicacies stories to her clients, both in Portuguese or Dutch. Married to a Dutch man, she started her family here… Continue reading Odete’s Delicious