How would your perfect date look like?

Here is the impression of mine: You enter the place, and it greets you with dimmed lights and smoothly floating jazz. You table is not yet ready, and the barkeeper offers you a place at the bar. You enjoy a chat, trying the recommended wine options and finally pick a mildly fruity Ribera del Duero la Planta.

In the meantime, your table is ready. You get the menu and a little starter, let’s say – a small mango coconut soup with fired duck skin and garlic aioli. It is time to make a choice and place an order. There are not too many options, but the it is hard to decide between beef, lamb or fish.

You would like to try more, so you order a Charolais filet mignon and a Lamb carré (and slightly regret not ordering two filets instead). The place is busy on this night, so you have some time to enjoy the conversation and that wine.

The dishes finally arrive and here comes the moment of truth: you have hardly ever tried any meat cooked this well before. You enjoy every bite and already start planning next visit. The evening comes to an end, so it is time to pick up the check (with a very celebratory number) and depart.

The continuation of this date I leave to your imagination, but if you like the start so far I would definitely recommend to hit it off at Sauvage, a relatively new paleo restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg.





Winsstrasse 30, 10405 – Berlin

Pflügerstrasse 25, 12047 – Berlin


Booking recommended. Book it with Tebla here.

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