Sisho Burger


Burgers are trending. There is Burgers and Hip-Hop picking the ultimate best, there is Best Burger Berlin ranking popular venues, and every neighborhood is offering a wide selection of burger restaurants (each one claims to be the best, even if it is the only one on the street).
Competition is high, so one really has to stand out to be remembered. For example, by offering burgers with an Asian twist, like Sisho Burger does.
Located in the heart of Mitte, the place is always packed (especially during lunch time). Surprisingly enough, the waitresses will always sit you. Given that I’ve been there in groups from 2 to 17 people at any time between 12 pm and 3 pm– it is quite a miracle (besides, it is one of those places where everyone suddenly turns friendly – people are okay to squeeze or even swap tables, don’t shush at each other and generally enjoy their time as one big happy crowd).
Burgers will satisfy every taste here: meat, fish or vegetarian, spicy or not, classic or unique – it is all on the card. (Editor’s note: with all the love, we do believe that burgers should have a beef patty as a main ingredient. Yes, we are very conservative. That or we just haven’t tried The Veggie Burger of our dreams yet).
Sisho sides deserve a special mention and definitely are worth a try: fried twisted potatoes, sweet potato fries, coleslaw and edamame beans – something you won’t get elsewhere.
All in all – a very positive experience and nice place to go for a burger now and then. See you soon, Sisho!


Sisho Burger

Auguststr. 29 C
10119 Berlin
Open: 12PM – 12AM

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