No Fire No Glory


No Fire No Glory is certainly one of those places where the Berlin coffee obsession wave reaches its peak. As a regular person, my choices normally spread between espresso, cappuccino, occasional latte macchiato and – in most cases – regular Filterkaffee or Tageskaffe.

Or at least it was so till trying to order a filter coffee at No Fire No Glory. Survival advice: trust your barista and simply mention your preference (do you like your coffee a bit bitter? Not so earthy? With a strong flavor?) Unless you are a coffee expert, you will most probably get lost in all the origins, roasts and brewing methods. Just take our word for it: this place offers a lot of different combinations and you are most likely to get an amazing cup of coffee if you will frankly say what you want (NB: works with many other things in life, not only coffee!).

If you are indifferent towards pastry – we envy you. One thing that is very hard to resist at No Fire No Glory is the carrot cake – with whole walnuts and raisins, some orange zest and bitter sweet lemony icing. Ohh , that heavenly feeling of sky and earth coming together in your mouth when you take a bite from the top where the icing meets the cake….


No Fire No Glory
Rykestraße 45,
10405 Berlin

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