Veneßia, l’aperitivo in Mitte.


Let’s face it: we have a thing for Italians. Welcome our amazing friend Claudia Bonazzi and her story about Veneßia, a pop up aperitivo which will hopefully become a regular tradition.

Try to ask Italians what they miss most about their country and besides the sun, the sea and the espresso, they will probably mention the “aperitivo”.

We can find a forerunner of the aperitivo during ancient Roman times when the mulsum, a delicious drink made of wine with honey, was consumed before the proper meal.

In the modern sense, however, the aperitivo is not only a drink, but an authentic ritual: it’s the chance to relax and meet your friends, drink and nibble on some fresh food together.

The reason why we decided to organize Veneßia, with the ß as a due tribute to the Teutonic culture, was indeed to reproduce this moment.

For the first event, we cooked simple and tasty food (according to the feedback we received) and the authentic Spritz from Venezia in three different varieties: with Aperol, with Campari or with bianco.

Handmade pesto, torte salate (quiche)  and various pâté were the features of the night.


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