Five Elephant – Cheese Cake

five elephant

I am sure all dessert lovers have asked themselves where to get the best cheesecake in Berlin. Well, my sweet-tooth friends, I have the answer.

In the midst of a fine May day, I decided to go to the Markthalle 9 for the first time. Located in Kreuzberg, this eating event takes place in an old market hall and hosts street food every Thursday. The options are bountiful and much more fancy than your average kebab.

There was everything: empanadas, tapas, english pies, asian food and then HER. The best cheesecake I have ever tried made by the Five Elephant, a bakery and cafe located on Reichenberger Str.

Do you know that feeling when you eat something so delicious that you shut your eyes, exhale, make some unintelligible sounds and for a few brief moments all is right in the world?

The top is rich, creamy and light, and the biscuit-base sweet and crunchy. The Philadelphia cream cheese is so light that it vanishes in your mouth like a heavenly magic trick, whilst the biscuit base has a lovely, crumbly texture that melts away on your tongue, creating the perfect balance and harmony of ‘hard and soft’.

It is as close as a dessert can come to being divine. It is literally gonna make you weak in the knees and… fatter but happier.

Written by Daria Di Leonardo

Five Elephant Coffee & Cake
Reichenberger Str. 101
10999, Berlin

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