Summer in Algarve, Portugal – Part II – The Fish & Seafood

Once you get to Portugal and more specifically, to Algarve in the south of Portugal, all you want to know about is fresh fish and seafood! Fish and shellfish are very important elements to Algarve cuisine with a great range of fresh fish available year round. It was August in Algarve, and I am almost sure that… Continue reading Summer in Algarve, Portugal – Part II – The Fish & Seafood

LATA, Berlin has it

LATA. "Ter Lata". It is a Portuguese expression that means something like having no shame, someone with attitude. Like, Berlin "has it". But in a literal translation, "lata" simply means "can". LATA, is a brand new Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Berlin. Authentic Portuguese food in a super modern space, with a very nice atmosphere,… Continue reading LATA, Berlin has it