Merry Christmas!


If you happened to stay in Berlin over the holiday time, it is very likely that you will find yourself at one of the Christmas markets. To make it a joyful experience, here are some tips:

  1. Be prepared. Leave your child, dog and backpack at home. Put your old trekking shoes on and be ready to work with elbows.
  2. The Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz is not a good one. Aggressive staff, shitty Glühwein, hundreds of drunk tourists. No.
  3. Glühwein is called so for a reason. It must have wine as a main ingredient in it. Hot apple juice with vodka is not Glühwein. Neither is mulled beer.
  4. The Christmas Market is not a place for romantic date. You will constantly lose each other in the crowd. You will never hear what the other is saying and most likely you will splash that damned Glühwein on your vis–à–vis and cover yourself with ketchup when eating that sausage. Awkward.
  5. Getting on a carousel after more than 1 Glühwein is most probably a bad idea. We don’t really have to explain, do we?
  6. If you think the Christmas Market is a great place to buy gifts, think again. They all mostly have the same cheaply made over-priced garbage.
  7. While eating an entire bag of glazed nuts may seem like a good idea at the time, your stomach will feel otherwise later. This is especially true when mixed with mass quantities of Glühwein.

We wish you happy holidays!

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