Da Baffi (Italians still do it better)


Tucked away in an unsuspecting location in Wedding near Leopoldplatz is a quant little authentic Italian restaurant that Berliners seeking a true Mediterranean taste have been clamoring for. Da Baffi delivers that cosy, rustic atmosphere that reminds you of those visits to grandma’s house for a Sunday dinner filled with love, laughter and above all – robust food bursting with flavor!

If you’re willing to shell out a bit of extra dough (at least by Berlin standards), you won’t be disappointed by what Da Baffi has to offer. Each day features a different variation of the menu (giving you a reason to come back), which is pasted in an old notebook and marked by a read tassel.

In typical Italian fashion, the menu features Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and Dolci sections as well as a wine list with several quality options. The highlight of the Antipasti menu is surely the burrata with ruccola, tomato and balsamic. The rich, soft mozzarella and cream mixture is the perfect kickoff to the rest of your meal.

Another dish that deserves mention here is the tagliolini featuring seasonal truffles in a parmesan cream sauce. This certainly isn’t a pasta for the faint of heart. The strong tastes of the truffles and parmesan will hit your mouth in the gut and knock the wind right out of your taste buds.

Other dishes worthy of a try are the spaghetti including real, fresh tuna (none of that canned junk) and the fresh ravioli with ricotta, eggplant and cherry tomatoes.

After putting your tongue on a roller coaster of flavors, you best cap off your meal by giving your palette the sweet treat that it rightfully earned. The tortino cioccolato is an absolute must! The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with hot molten chocolate inside of itself. If you weren’t already approaching culinary comatose, you’ll definitely be unresponsive after licking your dessert spoon clean.


Da Baffi

Nazarethkirchstraße 41

13347 Berlin -Wedding

0175-692 65 45


Note: booking required. Book it with Tebla here.



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