Spaghetti Western

western spaghethi

How was it?
Well, the name of the place kind of sums it up. If you think about spaghetti westerns as movie genre – you know what you will get there: it will be fine, but not too special or original. If you want to have a big lunch with a group of friends – this place is just right. If you want to have a quick lunch on your own – be ready for a bit of waiting.

Why is it hipster?
The restaurant is located right in the middle of Torstrasse, therefore during the lunch break Spaghetti Western gets busy with start up employees (which equals hipsters in some dictionaries) from the neighborhood.

And what about price?
The prices are moderate and every day they offer a lunch menu, which includes the drink. So, no need to rush to the office to grab your Club Mate.

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