Da Piadina

da Piadina

How was it?

It happens sometimes, that you feel like you know every single place in the area, but there is one door that you’ve always missed. That was exactly the case with us and Da Piadina – a small home-like place, where a lovely lady, who makes you think of your mother right away, cooks Piadinas and other typical italian meals. Everything you order is cooked right in front of you, obviously with a pinch of love.

Why is it hipster?
It is not too hipster yet, but we anticipate it. Fresh home-made food is trending, so soon we expect to see queues of those ‘we-want-it-all-natural’ kids in front of the door.

And what about price?
It is, once again, a perfect price-quality combination, so hurry up and try it before it became too mainstream.

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