Café Loetje

Since we’ve expanded our coverage to Amsterdam, there are certainly some “must haves” to be added to the blog. One such place is the Dutch-institution Café Loetje. With four locations in Amsterdam and eight in total in all the Netherlands, Loetje is one of the most revered eateries around these parts.

If you’re keeping score, we went to the +30-year-old original, which is found in Amsterdam Zuid.

But enough of the mumbo jumbo, let’s jump right into the good stuff, which in this case is the meaty, juicy stuff; you know the sort of things that dreams are made of. That’s right, if you’re looking for a good, flavorful steak in Amsterdam, Loetje’s the place!


Because of the restaurant’s popularity, expect a bit of a wait if you haven’t reserved a spot. But, that’s no problem because you can sit at the bar and have one (or a few) of the several beers on tap until a table is ready for you.

Now getting back to the steak… When ordering, you can either get the original flavor or the “Bali” variety, which is prepared with Sambal (a hot-sauce spread hailing from Southeast Asia) for a little extra quick. Either way, expect your slab of beef to come in a puddle of delicious sauce. The best part is, if you’re feeling extra daring (and hungry) you can level up with an XL size steak!

To complete your meal, order some sides of salad and fries for your party, which reminds me… what do they put in the mayonnaise here? I was never a fan of fries and mayo until moving to Amsterdam. Anyway… I digress.

If you’ve managed to take down your protein-filled adversary and still have the room and motivation to continue your culinary conquest, Loetje also offers a tasty selection of desserts.  We mauled down the dame blanche and the chocolate cake; a great way to cap off a very satisfying meal.

Whether your just a visitor, a fledgling member of Amsterdam or an established resident, Loetje is one of those places that’s an absolute must to frequent.

Cafe Loetje
*Johannes Vermeerstraat 52,
1071 DT Amsterdam

*Loetje has eight establishments throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

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