BAUTiful Concepts

BAUT is a successful concept that changes location almost every year. This year,  Chef Michiel van den Eerde has found a new home for Baut, in an old chapel at Spaarndammerstraat 460, Amsterdam West.

The previous location was Baut Paradijs, an old gas distribution station in Oostpoort,  Amsterdam East and was actually our favorite place to hang out. Felt like home, having a meal with a nice wine, sitting on the sofa in the corner, with the guarantee of having an amazing menu at accessible prices.

During summer, Baut Paradijs had a very nice space outside, where I had what I presume to be the best sandwich I had in my life prepared by Chef Dennis.

We were quite sad when Paradijs closed its doors. Our perfect spot was no more.

So we just waited patiently for the next location.

On January 27, Baut moved into its sixth location, the Magdalena chapel in the Spaarndammerstraat. 

And finally, a few days after the opening, we finally made it there, and all the expectations were confirmed! The industrial building is transformed into a stunning restaurant, bar and upper floor, with a spectacular interior! The ground floor is for food and drink and on the first floor you can visit exhibitions and events.

BAUT is more exciting and more artistic than ever! It’s a beautiful venue, edgy, modern with this sophisticated kitsch style, in contrast with the more urban/cool style of Baut Paradijs.


All the quality and creativity that we were used to in Baut Paradijs, but this time, one level up – it was a very good surprise!

A unique spot offering a rebel mix of food, drinks, music and culture, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner. During the day, the bar is an excellent spot for coffee and lunch. At night, the bartenders will mix some delicious cocktails.

The menu again is delicious. All the dishes exhibit extreme freshness and sophistication.

We tried 5 different dishes and each time the next seemed to be even better than the former. From the Lobster soup with potato mousseline, to the divine coconut créme brulée, everything was great!

My absolute favorite dish of the night was the salmon with granny smith apple, peanut crumble and radish!

The service is also great; just as we were used to at Paradijs – and there is always a good wine suggestion to pair your menu choices.


Spaarndammerstraat 460
1013 SZ Amsterdam 

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