Every Bite Starts with a Story

In the muddled mess of Amsterdam food events and festivals, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and find something of value. Those who attended Every Bite Has a Story certainly didn’t have a difficulty finding substance.

The event was put on by social grocery What About Leo. As a social grocery, What About Leo connects consumers with local artisan producers that otherwise would never be discovered via what they call “group shipping.”

Instead of each person ordering separately, consumers can order in groups. This allows the producer to handle fewer larger orders, shipping costs to be divided to give consumers a much better price and the environmental footprint to be minimized. In order to preserve the quality of the goods most of the money goes directly to the local producers.

Every Bite starts with a Story was the inaugural Amsterdam event by What About Leo. The event and its name are very much in line with what they do. The event featured the products of their local producers, so not only did everyone attending consume delicious delicacies, but also consumed the stories and tales of the artisans of the food.


The location was fitting for such an event, taking place at the amazing Vondelpark CS; the historical Pavilion which hosts the Vertigo restaurant and provides a popular summer time spot with its terrace.

If the event had to be summed up in four words, the description would read – great food and wine!

There were a lot of delicatessens, with dips comprised of organic olive oil, variations of pesto, savoury bread and waiters walking around offering jamon, prosciutto, chorizo, magret, salchichon and speck. Balancing out the courses were salads made from fresh products such as fresh mozzarella and organically grown greens.

The star of the night was in the back room with the producers exhibition. The big parmigiano reggiano cheese wheel with the dip of aceto balsamico was the thing cheesy dreams are made of!!!

To wash all this down, there was a very nice offering of wines also from the local producers.

Also at the event was live cooking, featuring a pistachio pesto pasta dish made by Giovanni Don Anselmo D’Apice.

Of courseEvery Bite starts with a Story would be remiss if it didn’t offer its patrons a chance to purchase some of the products on display. It would have been a real travesty if we didn’t leave with a bit of that delicious parmiagian reggiano. Given the quality, it is very fairly priced in comparison to what you’d find at the likes of Albert Heijn.




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