La Vallade

In the Ringdijk in the Watergraafsmeer, East Amsterdam, there is a French hidden gem.

It was one of those rare warm summer nights in Amsterdam. No wind. No rain. A perfect atmosphere to sit on a terrace.

There it was, this cozy corner terrace full of happy people enjoying this amazing evening.
It was not the first time we frequented La Vallade, but it felt especially nice in this warm evening sitting outside on the terrace.

This place is the perfect example of what the Dutch call “Gezellig.” The atmosphere is very cozy, relaxed and friendly. It feels like you are eating in someone’s living room, but at the same time has that elegant french glamor.

Once there, you just need to let yourself go, since La Vallade doesn´t have a menu à la carte.


They serve a standard day menu which varies, making it easy to decide, and allows them to work with fresh and seasonal products.

For a fixed price you get a five-course meal. That includes soup, salad, meat or fish, a platter of cheeses and dessert.

And the best is that it is prepared for people ready to take their time. It is not fast food, and we’re happy it’s not.

That evening on the terrace we were told that it was a vegetarian evening only. The first time we were there, we had great fish, and that was on our minds already, but we decided to go for the vegetarian anyways!

And we didn’t regret it whatsoever.

The meal started with a lentil soup and then a beetroot salad.

The main dish was the star of the day. A goat cheese soufflé with beetroot balsamic sauce and fried cauliflower. It was absolutely superb. Even for meat lovers like us, this was not a disappointment at all!

In between there was a platter of cheese. From roquefort to brie, along with grapes and walnuts and crackers, all the cheeses were good. Best of all, the red wine we ordered was the perfect match!

To finish the feast, they presented us with a super moist carrot cake with cream. Divine!

So overall, La Vallade is not a fast or cheap food option, but is more an experience to enjoy in good company, with delicious food, great wine and a supreme atmosphere. In a word, Gezellig!

We will be back many times for sure.

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