How was it?
We were talking about going to Babanbe for a couple of weeks. We were drooling over their website, synchronizing our calendars and suddenly The Day has come and we just went there – and we were surprised how empty the place was. Well, better for us: we got our sandwiches (Lao Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork and Meatball Madness) in no time and the guys were happy to chat and joke with us. The BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich stole our heart again but (this is a secret tip now) as much as we love meatballs, we were not impressed.

Why is it hipster?
If you like typography – you will understand. One of the walls is covered with quotes made in different fonts and none of them is Comic Sans.

And what about the price?
It is a bit pricy for a sandwich, but if you opt for a menu with a small salad and lemongrass lemonade – it is a great deal.

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