La Pepita

Because of its mix of a cosmopolitan happenings, old world charm, beach life and affordability, Barcelona has become a top destination in Europe for not only tourism, but also for business and settling down and establishing roots. What else the Catalan city offers is a variety of exceptional culinary experiences – and of course that means tapas!

The title of best tapas in Barcelona may very well go to La Pepita. They take the plain and mundane typical tapas dishes and infuse them with charm and varied flavors, creating culinary magic. Chances are the place will be packed even midweek. However, it’s certainly worth the wait and you have the option to grab a drink and wait at their sister establishment La Cava, which is just a few doors down.


We started things off with some Red Drank aka sangria because When in Rome…. It was sweet and delicious and a bit dangerous because you’d swear you weren’t drinking an alcoholic beverage. We can also recommend the tap beer if you’re looking for something a little less heavy.

La Pepita offers an expansive menu sure to please any palate. We had the privilege of trying a number of their dishes, which are outlined below:

  • Duck breast sashimi with orange Yoshi’s way – Tender and succulent meat which is paired nicely with a sweet tasting sauce.
  • Marinated sea bass with spinach, strawberries, basil and pequillo pepper – A true explosion of flavors. The various flavors work well together to create a unique taste that’ll awaken even the most dormant taste buds.
  • Argentine beef skewer with chimichurri – I’m you’re a big fan of carne like we are, you’ll want to order at least two or three of these. Although they come in a small quantity, they pack a mighty punch.
  • Fried calamari with kimchi mayonnaise – Even for the non-seafood lovers this will be a pleasing treat. Nothing fishy about these delicious rings.
  • Roasted chicken croquettes with romesco sauce – A unique twist on an old time appetizer. These croquettes take more of bitterballen form and come a bit softer and more succulent than their traditional counterpart.
  • La Pepita’s fried eggs with grilled foie gras and french fries  – The three pieces to this dish mesh well together to create a unique savory flavor.

We packed a lot into one meal, but we were far from done. We of course would be remiss not to have dessert so we indulged in:

  • Chocolate Pepita with oil, bread and black olive jam – The trend continues here. A perfect infusion of flavors; both sweet and savory, making a perfect end to our culinary journey.
  • Corn ice cream with caramelized popcorn and bourbon – You’ll swear you’ve been taken back to the county fair enjoying kettle corn. Although it may be a taste reminiscent of your childhood, the bourbon makes this a very adult dish.

If you’re in Barcelona and looking to partake in tapas that are different that your run-of-the-mill patatas bravas and Iberico ham, this is a must stop on your itinerary. We’ll definitely be going back next time we’re in Barcelona!

La Pepita
Còrsega 343, Barcelona


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