Der Fischladen

When I was a kid, and was spending my summers in north Germany, we had this tradition of having fish for dinner every Friday. Never mind the historical context of it, I just grew up with an idea that one has to eat fish at least once a week, preferably on Friday. So, when moving out of my parents’ house to Berlin, I was already planning how I would be treating myself to some fish every week. A Reality check made it clear: they do not do fish in Berlin!

Think about it: you get the deep fried fish and chips at the two famous chains, occasional Fischbrötchen here and there, fish at the supermarkets is very limited and, to be honest, somewhat questionable. What can you do then?

One option is to hunt for quality at weekly markets – yet, it might get quite pricey, and if you are living in a typical Berlin apartment with no ventilation – quite stinky too.

So, your only hope is to find a good fish restaurant and hope it won’t close too soon. As simple at it sounds, it took me 4.5 years to find The Place.

Der Fischlanden, located between Eberswalderstrasse and Schöhauser Allee is a truly exceptional place: located on a hot spot, and serving excellent food, yet not half as busy as one would imagine it to be. What can you expect there? Fish. Oysters, grilled fish, fish salads and burgers, and supposedly the best fish & chips in town. It all comes with special home made sauces and signature Berlin service.

A couple more things that make the place stand out: you can point out which fish you want on the grill at their shop right next door or you could shop for fish to bring home and prepare yourself. If you are not a needy customer, and you are not in a hurry – you will enjoy the main room a lot too – it has nothing but the tables, and the food and drinks have to be brought in from the shop next door too. It makes it perfect for big groups – you are just left there to enjoy yourself. If taking fish & chips – watch out: you might hit the wall of dispraise – people there love their product, and wish only the best for you. Thus, expect a bit of a Berlin-style ire from your server – even if the fish & chips is great.

I made it my new tradition, to drop by there at least once a month – try it out, maybe it will become a nice tradition for you too!

Der Fischladen
Shönhauser Allee 128
10437 Berlin
+49 30 40005612

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