Les Valseuses

It was just realized that Les Valseuses was never featured on W8H, which is a real surprise since it’s one of our favorite spots. Even more, the French boutique restaurant is a fabulous date locale; a number of lovely evenings have started within its confines. Whether it’s in the company of good friends or a promising night out with a special someone, Les Valseuses is sure to deliver a memorable evening.

As is the case more often than not with us, the feature is the meat. Les Valseuses presents an affordable and delicious steak option – a rare feat in Berlin. It’s served alongside french fries bursting with flavor, a side salad and your choice of dipping sauce. Might we recommend the pepper sauce. There is always a house special as well as a few other mouthwatering options on the menu, but you can’t go wrong with the steak!

If you’re looking for the right drink to pair with your Tour de Carne, look no further than the house red wine. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are a number of other good wine options.

Just when you thought your culinary journey couldn’t get any better, the waiter asks you for dessert. There are a few options, but really only one option, if you catch our drift. The chocolate tort with the molten chocolate center is an absolute must! Indulging in the warm, soft gooey treat is the perfect way to cap off your meal. Our only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a larger size. It’s especially troublesome when sharing it with someone.

All in all, Les Valseuses provides both the perfect setting and the right combination of flavors to provide the backdrop to what should be a wonderful outing.

By the way, we recommend making reservations as the small restaurant typically fills up fast.

Eberswalder Straße 28,
10437 Berlin

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