Nalu Diner

For expats and American enthusiasts alike, Nalu Diner is just the culinary experience you’ve been searching for in Berlin. Like Les Valseuses, Nalu has been another stop that the W8H crew has frequented often, but has yet to write about until now – shame on us! Anyway, whether you’re looking to recover from one of the all too common never-ending nights in Berlin or just wanting to enjoy a lovely Sunday brunch, the Hawaiian-inspired eatery delivers.

While the menu has expanded over time to include items such as mac n’cheese, steak sandwiches, burgers and a number of other meal items, their main attraction is their breakfast menu, which is conveniently served all day! Whether it’s eggs, bacon, hash browns or french toast or pancakes (which can even be ordered with authentic maple syrup) you want, Nalu has got you covered.

May we suggest the Egg McBluffin’. For those of you familiar with the McDonald’s breakfast menu, it’s exactly what you think. For those not in the know, it’s an English muffin (better known as a Toasty to our German friends), with egg, cheese, tomato and your choice of sausage or bacon.

Lest we forget, like a true American dining establishment, you get to enjoy free refills with your water, which is complimentary, and coffee. Yes, you read that correctly. A place in Berlin that voluntarily forks over free water and keeps it coming!

They also offer a number of delicious dessert options that are reminiscent of an American childhood, including milkshakes and root beer floats as well as cake and pie options that are always changing.

For anyone looking for a reprieve from the typical cheese and fruit breakfast plates sprawled out across Europe, a visit to Nalu is a must!

Nalu Diner
Dunckerstraße 80A
10437 Berlin

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