Betty’n Caty

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – we all know that. What is the best breakfast option? Oatmeal of course!
Well, I can say this now, but if you would have told me this when I was young – I would’ve probably kick you in the knee (or in a more sensitive region)!
You see, there are many ways to cook oatmeal, and most of them I’ve learned the hard way. My childhood memories are full of the tasteless grey mass. My teenage breakfasts are still marked in the family as the most scientific ones (I was trying hard to find the golden time-temperature combination). And my current breakfasts are mostly happening on the go. But, believe it or not, wherever I go – I always look for oatmeal and most probably will order it if I have a chance.
This is exactly how I’ve met my Perfect Oatmeal! On a Saturday morning – in one of the less busy cafes in Prenzlauer Berg – it was absolutely perfect: creamy yet hearty, with fresh fruit and a pinch of brown sugar. I’ve tried to recreate it at home, but it looks like now I am bound to Betty’n Caty forever.
For the to-go options, I highly recommend the fresh smoothies and juices, and as from what I know about brioches, they bake delicious ones as well. I haven’t yet been lucky to try their lunches, but if you have an hour to spare in the area – you will not regret visiting them!

Betty’n Caty
Knaackstraße 8
10405 Berlin

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