How was it?
Since our friend Iuliia came back from Tel Aviv, she wouldn’t stop talking how great Israeli food is (I should add here, that with Iuliia we talk about food a lot. No, like, A LOT. Literally, we would be planning what to eat for dinner while having lunch). So, we surrendered and joined her for a huge family-like brunch at Sababa one Sunday. And we never regretted it! Well, it would be hard to transmit the beauty of the meal with a picture this time, but own experience is better than 1000 words and pictures.

Why is it hipster?
Hummus is trending. Ask any of your hipster friends – they will confirm (ours do. No better thing than hummus. Word). Sababa is not super-hipsterized, but being located on Kastanienalle, 2 steps away from Rosentalerplatz, it has no chance to not become extremely popular.

And what about price?
Depending on what you would like to try, be prepared to pay between 7 and 12 EUR (unless you are ordering the whole menu). Good news: you are not going to be hungry for at least 24 hours after!

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