Candy on Bone

One of the crucial daily questions I have to answer for myself is “Where should I go for lunch?” As lazy as I am, I will never prepare a lunch box of healthy and tasty treats, but would rather search for a home-like experience everywhere. The challenge is on: find the perfect balance between healthy, delicious and quick lunch, which in the perfect world will not send me into a food coma for most of the afternoon.

Once hunger and curiosity brought me to Candy on Bone – I could almost hear angels singing – I knew it from the very first second: it was The Place.

The idea behind the project is simple: Eating well is easy, you just need to know how. The Candy on Bone team is seeking to serve you a lunch you’d cook for yourself if you were at home: a warm salad made of seasonal vegetables, a sandwich – with avocado and pork belly, a cup of soup.

candy on bone

“Home outside of home” is the motto, which means, everyone feels like they’re in their own living room – from an elderly business lady sipping a coffee on the terrace, to a startup crowd discussing business plans loudly during their lunch break, to young mothers getting together for a glass of schorle. “Inclusion” is one of the key ideas behind the deli’s daily business, be it about people – everyone is welcome here, or about meals – you would never see an exclusively vegan, gluten free or whatever special diet menu here. Everything is an option, and all options are welcome.

Eating well is very easy according to Candy on Bone team: just opt for locally grown seasonal food as much as you can, and don’t over-complicate your pairings.

The next-door shop is just as much fun to explore as you could possibly imagine. A mix of a foodie paradise and your cooler kind of späti, it offers almost anything you could think of, starting from kitchen utensils and cook books, and all the way to fresh eggs from Brandenburg, acacia honey from Neukölln, and other delicious things. When choosing the products, the popularity does not play a role; the focus is more on the small brands with high quality and a story behind them.

Everything is a piece of a whole great experience at Candy on Bone: the food, the team, the shopping, and of course, the terrace, where I am looking forward to enjoying a lot of great lunches this summer.

Candy on Bone
Planufer 92B
10967, Berlin

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