Pizza is where “Da Michele” is.


Yes, there is always a huge line – if you are lucky you just have 60 people ahead of you. No reservations are accepted. Yes, it’s packed with tourists who want to be at that place Julia Roberts ate in “Eat, Pray Love!” The restaurant is rustic to say the least . Yes, there is not a Menu. They just serve two kind of pizza. And yes, they will kick you out of your seat once you tried everything your mouth could afford. All that said, it is easy to forgive everything around you when your pizza appears in front of you.

Da Michele has often been described as the “Sacred temple of pizza.” Nothing but the pizza margherita – I suggest the one with double mozzarella- and pizza marinara (which combines tomatoes, olive oil and garlic) is available, using only Fiordilatte cow´s milk and San Marzano tomatoes. That’s it. As simple as that. Pizza is pizza here, cooked in the brick-lined wood-burning oven in the front of the dining room. They cook so fast that two pizzaioli work in tandem, one lowering a pizza onto the oven floor just as the other removes another.

The pizza has a soft, tender, nearly soupy center. It is soft. Very soft and wet. Very wet and thin! Good luck even thinking of eating with anything but a fork and knife. You could try to manually cut it into slices, but they’ll be so floppy that you’ll need several extra fingers just to hold them.

The texture is wonderful, with a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and bright, fresh-tasting tomatoes mixing with the most tasteful mozzarella on earth that left me speechless – for five minutes I didn’t say a word.
You’ll find a perfect balance of char, bread, bright tomatoes, and fior di latte (they don’t use buffalo mozzeralla here) that melts in your mouth in a way like no other pizza I have ever had.

How much did I pay for having such a gastronomic orgasm? Six euro, including a beer too.


Written by Daria Di Leonardo


Da Michele

Via Cesare Sersale, 1 / 3
80139 Napoli

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