LATA, Berlin has it

LATA. “Ter Lata”. It is a Portuguese expression that means something like having no shame, someone with attitude. Like, Berlin “has it”. But in a literal translation, “lata” simply means “can”. LATA, is a brand new Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Berlin. Authentic Portuguese food in a super modern space, with a very nice atmosphere, … Continue reading LATA, Berlin has it


    How would your perfect date look like? Here is the impression of mine: You enter the place, and it greets you with dimmed lights and smoothly floating jazz. You table is not yet ready, and the barkeeper offers you a place at the bar. You enjoy a chat, trying the recommended wine options … Continue reading Sauvage

Sisho Burger

Burgers are trending. There is Burgers and Hip-Hop picking the ultimate best, there is Best Burger Berlin ranking popular venues, and every neighborhood is offering a wide selection of burger restaurants (each one claims to be the best, even if it is the only one on the street). Competition is high, so one really has … Continue reading Sisho Burger

No Fire No Glory

No Fire No Glory is certainly one of those places where the Berlin coffee obsession wave reaches its peak. As a regular person, my choices normally spread between espresso, cappuccino, occasional latte macchiato and – in most cases – regular Filterkaffee or Tageskaffe. Or at least it was so till trying to order a filter … Continue reading No Fire No Glory


In short, what would you say about Volta?

“Mmmmmm…” ­ Dorothee

“Oh. My. God” – Daria

“Mmmmm …” – Hugo

“ohhhh … ” ­ Rita

Well, that may be too short, but sums it up precisely.  Continue reading “Volta”