California Breakfast Slam

California Breakfast Slam

How was it?
Since we found out none of us has actually ever been to California, we are not sure. However, we are enjoyed our bacon and eggs and Bloody Mary (well, this one make pretty much anything joyful). The restaurant down in Neukoeln also has the friendliest service I’ve ever met in Berlin. However, don’t be too optimistic – waiting even for a coffee might take a little longer, than forever.

Why is it hipster?
First of all, Berlin hipsters seem to love everything American. Second, California Breakfast Slam provides perfect afterparty (read – hangover) breakfasts. And it’s in Neukoeln – the new hipster Mecca.

And what about the price?
The prices are average. And you might want to book the table – this place is very popular!


UPD: New address!

Cabslam (The Calfironia Breakfast Slam)
Innstrasse 47 | Wildenbruchplatz
12045 Berlin
(030) 6869624

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