Rosenkind – Boutique & Café

Some weeks a go, on a lovely Saturday, we had the pleasure of visiting Rosenkind – a boutique cafe located in the very heart of Neukölln.

Janan, one of the founders, showed us around and told us a little about the cafe and the concept in general:

“My mother and I wanted to create a place for ourselves, to run away form the routine, and relax, have a nice chat over coffee and cake with our friends and visitors, or enjoy an occasional party. We wanted to provide an escape from the fast city life pace into a more relaxed and conscious shopping experience.”

Indeed, entering the cafe, and proceeding to the boutique, one may feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit’s hole – the number of unique objects in sight at any moment is astonishing. Janan explains:

“Our selection is obviously not for everybody. We like daring things, something that will make you stand out, and make people notice you. Same with accessories and design objects. We are supporting young artists, and are trying to give them a platform to broadcast their talent, be it design, art, handcrafts, musing or events. All the items are handpicked and come from local producers. In some way, we are all connected to each other, so it is not just a “producer to shop” relationship – this helps us to provide a unique shopping experience.”

image  IMG_1193

In general, uniqueness is a very important word when talking about Rosenkind. Returning to the cafe part, we enjoy finding countless details. Janan can tell us a story about any little thing we point to:

“The bar was build by my father, and later we decorated it with the newspaper cut-outs. The newspapers are actually from 40th, and we just found them by accident. The plates and cups are coming from flea markets, our friends, or sometimes neighbors bring them to us. The cupboard in the corner was found by a friend. She called me one day and said ‘Janan, this cupboard will fit perfect to the shop!’ Photographs on the wall are the graduation project of one of our friends – it is actually her exhibition.”

image IMG_1181

The cakes are just as handpicked as everything else:

“We only work with a few trusted bakers, to make sure our cakes are always fresh. Our signature cake is Johannisbeer-Baiser-Cake – light, refreshing, and not overly sweet – it just fits perfectly to us. Sometimes I also bake myself – for example, vegan chocolate muffins.”

Soon on your next Nueköln stroll we insist – you should check out Rosenkind! And follow their events calendar closely: we saw a disco ball that is just waiting for some electro swing parties in the summer.

Elbestraße 35
12045 Berlin
+49 30 62722250

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