Il Ritrovo

Il Ritrovo

How was it?

You recall this feeling of hangovered Sundays, when you’re just getting hungrier and hungrier and no delivery pizza is good enough… well, we’ve all been there. If you live in F-hain or surroundings we may have a solution for you! Just step by at this Italian pizza paradise – il Ritrovo. Probably, you’ll be lured by the pizza smell spreading around the whole kiez. To characterize this taste experience you basically need three words: thin, crunchy and tasty (but beware of the spicy olive oil if you’re not a professional fire-eater). It goes very well with vino della casa (with fair price 4 Euro/0,5l.), which magically, like in Cana of Galilee, multiplies with every hour you spend there. The really good food, tasty wine, Italian-speaking crew, loud conversations and busy atmosphere make the place authentic and teleport you for few hours into little Italy.

Why is it hipster?

Probably because of all the autographs of famous badass artists, posters on the walls etc.?

What about price?

Pizza prices between 6-11 Euro, but watch out! If you want to taste the real mozzarella di bufala on your tongue you need to pay 3 euros more and order La bufalina.
But most of all remember:

Try it here: Gabriel-Max-Straße 2, 10245 Berlin

Book a table with Tebla here.

By special guests Kasior&Domol

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