Why We Ate Hipsters?


This is not your typical blog about travel, food and hipsters. We’re presenting the unique experiences we see through our eyes in our own unique and quirky way.

You will not find Instagram-filter enriched shots or those perfectly lit photos against an ideal kitchen background: we like illustration and this is how we want to show our foodie experience.

What you will find are stories about the places that caught our attention (both in good and bad ways) – from the hip and buzzing lunch spots of city centers to fine dining spots and mouth watering desserts tucked away in far-reaching corners and everything in between. Keep in mind: we like meat, and with all the respect to vegetarians and vegans – we don’t need to be preached about it!

Food and travel is meant to be fun. Therefore, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We hope you find our tongue-in-cheek and intentionally over dramatized tone to be refreshing.

You will also find some stories from our friends – about food cultures, food experiences and all things food related.

We are not calling ourselves haute cuisine experts or travel connoisseurs  – we just like nice food, good company, discovering the world and all that comes with it.

Who Ate Hipsters:

 Rita Ferreira – illustration

Joseph Vito DeLuca – editorial

Natallia Shauchenka – GTD

We are always open to receiving feedback and love to collaborate! If you would like to have a drawing or just want to share your thoughts, please, contact us at weatehipsters@gmail.com

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