How was it? We were talking about going to Babanbe for a couple of weeks. We were drooling over their website, synchronizing our calendars and suddenly The Day has come and we just went there – and we were surprised how empty the place was. Well, better for us: we got our sandwiches (Lao Chicken, … Continue reading Babanbè

Das Lokal

How was it? Imagine, what would your mum cook, if she was German? That’s right, all the good things we’ve tried in Das Lokal. Delicious bread served with garlic butter in tiny jars; Schwarzfeberhühnerkeule, Lammtartar and Kalbsbraten – with a twist, but still something one might cook at home, all served by very friendly (surprise-surprise!) … Continue reading Das Lokal

Street Food Thursday

How was it? It was crowded. Street food Thursday, a new weekly event in Markthalle Neun supported by KitchenSurfing, has everything to become the trendiest food event in Berlin this summer. Out of great selection of international foods we picked pulled pork (with baked potatoes! and pickles!) from “BIG stuff smoked BBQ” and we would … Continue reading Street Food Thursday